Ida’s Story

Ida appears to be a normal girl like any other attending the local school, Sulgwita Primary. Her story however is far from normal as she fights every single day with a condition which is severely affecting her ability to fulfil her potential at school.

5 months into our work with the project we came across Ida who had fallen unconscious with a condition, which was later diagnosed as epilepsy. Ida later needed hospital treatment at 2 separate hospitals and our own medical centre. We carried Ida up the hill to the medical centre and drove her to the local government hospital, she did not regain consciousness until sometime later that day.

Ida was our inspiration to run a pop-up clinic in the local area and try to provide medication and treatment for the whole village. Without our intervention that day Ida would have continued to suffer with this condition and almost certainly miss out on her upcoming exams.

The story has a happy ending. Ida took her exams, while on medication for her condition, and came top of the class, she has aspirations to become a doctor later in life.

The clinic served 199 sick people in the village on its first day, thanks to the help of doctors and nurses who volunteered from all over the county. We managed to treat conditions such as Diabetes and Malaria and provided services like cervical screening, lab facilities, family planning and much more. We treated 8 severe cases and referred a number of people for further treatment at the local hospitals.

Ida’s story is one with a happy ending, however this is an isolated case, most people of Turi continue to struggle with illnesses and conditions, which would be treated easily in other countries. It is our intention to help as many people as possible like Ida in the future.